Sunday, 2 August 2009

Girls being groped at concerts

I love going to concerts, you can’t match the atmosphere and the buzz. Music blasts out of the massive speakers, alcohol flows freely and everywhere you look there are women wearing hardly any clothes, some of them have their boobs out and are getting groped and felt up.

Last month I was at a concert and I was in the middle of the mass of people, I was standing behind some weedy dude who had a blonde slut with her tits out, perched on his shoulders and her little mini skirt had rided upto her waist showing her thong to everyone. I was watching her tits getting groped and played with and as the crowd squashed together lots of guys were trying to grab her boobs.

As the tracks kept on coming so did the alcohol and this fuelled the action, everywhere there were girls getting stripped and groped by all the guys in the crowd trying to get a feel of the tits and ass on show.

The blonde that was in front of me on the guys shoulders was still getting groped by the crowd of guys, they were all launching there hands to grab some tits and ass. One old dude, who was obviously drunk was groping the girls’ buttocks while his friend had pulled aside her thong and had his hand in between her butt cheeks, all the while the weedy dude is till holding her on his shoulders while the crowd groped and fondled her tits and nipples.

Really was quite a scene, groping, flashing and stripping everywhere I looked, in fact even just to my right there was a little guy who had his hand up the skirt of the girl in front and was just feeling up her ass while his other hand groped the girl’s breasts. The music just carried on playing while the crowd stripped and groped the girls, everyone had fun.

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